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By now, you’ve probably heard some stump speeches. Every candidate in the elections this year has a stump speech.  You know what I’m talking about.  A solid, easy to remember, and easy to relate to speech for supporters and voters. The candidate, hopefully, rattles off this stump speech to get the audience excited about voting for him/her.

Entrepreneurs need the same thing.  Only entrepreneurs need two stump speeches.  One for the team and one for the customers.

The stump speech for the team is the company’s purpose/mission statement.  It clearly defines why the company exists, why team members should be passionate about being a part of the team, and gives some general directions on how they can and will make a difference.  It should be simple and concise. It should be devoid of business jargon, so team members can easily repeat it and act on it without confusion.

The stump speech for the customer is the company’s brand promise.  It should clearly articulate the value driven solution(s) your company provides the customer/prospect.  How it will make their lives easier, better, more productive, etc.  It’s not a feature and benefit statement. The customer stump speech is more of a statement of how things could be it they became a customer.

Don’t confuse the two.  Sometimes a purpose statement is meaningful to customers, but more often than not it isn’t.  It’s internally focused and motivates the team.  Your team has to understand the brand promise but from the customer’s point of view.  The brand promise motivates the customer.

Get your two stump speeches down, and start repeating them endlessly.

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