Teamwork Lessons from a Winning Volleyball Player - How Teamwork Works - #GetInSynk

The USA Women’s Volleyball Team won their match on Sunday against China, 3 games to 1, and in the post game interview a player described how teamwork works. It caught my attention because I played intramural volleyball (campus champs), coached high school volleyball, and later played at the AB level for a volleyball club for a couple of years. I agreed wholeheartedly with her answer to the question as to why the USA team plays so well together. She said something like this:

It starts with the talent. We are all talented players, and we play both defensive and offensive systems that we all know well and are committed to following.  And finally, because of that we trust each other to be where we are supposed to be and to do what we are supposed to do so we don’t have doubts about each other and have great confidence. Even when something goes wrong, we know how each of us are supposed to adjust, and we know what the others will do and we can pull off incredible recoveries. We really trust each other and our systems.

Wow! Great players, great systems (read processes) and great trust in each other and the systems (created by leadership). No wonder they are undefeated in pool play and headed towards a medal.

I just finished a series of broadcasts on my monthly #GetInSynk Coffee Break, that addressed each of the three things she said. Here are YouTube videos:

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