Will Coaching Work for You?  Four coachable  attributes to make business coaching work well.

How do you know if coaching will work for you? Intuitively, we know that everyone benefits from coaching, but the real question is how WELL will coaching work for you? Sometimes, it’s good to stop and reflect on how coachable you are or are not. What makes a person coachable? There might be certain obstacles standing in your way, but you can prepare and reduce these.

Gazelles Certified Coaches worldwide have noticed that the CEOs and Entrepreneurs who have had the highest returns on coaching have the four following attributes:

1.  They are learners.

2.  They are welcoming towards coaching and the accountability that comes with it.

3. They are investors in help.  They invest in help for themselves and for their people.

4.  They are humble; they realize that they don’t know everything. They know they can’t do it themselves, and they know they need the team.

Listen to what Keith Cupp, Head Coach of Gazelles International, has to say about this.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/HSv4sj-DrXQ”]

Do you have these attributes? Start with the first trait of a coachable person and turn it into a question. “Am I a learner?” Continue down the list in order to prepare yourself. Coaching will work for you regardless of your circumstances, but how WELL it works for you can be helped by going through the above attributes.

A good tool, whether or not you are being coached, is Rock & Sand: A Practical Insight to Business Growth.