Are You Running Your Business? - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

I’ve noticed something about those strategy do-it-yourselfers. You know, the ones running their companies with either the One Page Strategic Plan or the Traction/EOS system.

It seems that many of them are really focused on making the system work. So much so, the focus becomes the absolutely correct use of the system. Either system; it doesn’t matter. They focus on the wrong thing instead of the actions and outcomes it should be driving them towards. These DIYers abdicate running and leading the company preferring to concentrate on using the system correctly.

Leaders have stopped leading, therefore leadership is missing.

Don’t get me wrong, as a Gazelles Rock-Habits guy, I love the One Page Strategic Plan, and I’m coming to appreciate the Traction/EOS system as well. I welcome what they can accomplish for you. It aligns your team, creates direction, establishes accountability, and gives context for success.

But, whatever your system, it doesn’t replace leadership and decision making. It’s only a tool, a great tool, but a tool nonetheless. You still have to lead your team, and make great decisions. That never goes away if you want to scale up.

So, ask yourself if you’re running your business or is your strategic planning system calling the shots.