Having a Big Hairy Audacious Goal is important for your company. Why? - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Recently, I had a meeting with a former client. During this meeting, he reminded me about why Big Hairy Audacious Goals are an important part of your company’s strategic plan.

We were meeting about a matter totally unrelated to a BHAG, his strategic plan, or the coaching I provided for him ten years ago. Eric Mathews of Start Co. and I were encouraging him to make a small investment to subsidize Rockefeller Habits coaching for Start Co. startups that are ready to scale up.

My former client said, “I was at the office and noticed that the BHAG you helped us develop was still posted on the wall. We set it for ten years out, and it will be ten years this year. We are going to hit  and exceed the BHAG.”

As you can imagine, I’m quite proud of this guy. I’m walking a little bit taller this week. He is one of the first clients I worked with on creating a One Page Strategic Plan. He’ll be the first to achieve his BHAG.

What happens when you don’t think of a Big Hairy Audacious Goal? When you don’t set a BHAG, you’ll never get there. It’s best when setting out on a journey to know where you’re going. Even if you don’t reach or exceed your BHAG, like my former client, chances are that you will be much closer to that goal than you were before.

Of course, he paid his success forward by making an investment to subsidize Rockefeller Habits coaching for two Start Co. startups.

The “Paying Forward The Rockefeller Habits” program is an exciting one. I’ll write more about it soon.