What Book Should You Read for Better Business in 2018?

Time to tune up yourself and your team.

Time for my book recommendations for 2018. Books that will make you a better leader, make your team better, and improve your entire organization.

Four that I’ve read:

  • The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holliday – If you can imagine, it’s a daily devotional (like a daily prayer book) that focuses on the teachings of the Stoic Philosophers. Five to ten minutes a day with an entry for every day of the year. It will settle your mind, help you think bigger, and give practical perspectives on the challenges that you face daily. I do it everyday first thing in the morning. No matter what.
  • The Coaching Habit, by Michael Stanier Bugay – Teaches you a stack of seven questions to ask of people who are asking for your help or advice. They work, and they make your teammates become critical thinkers.  Helps them think through the solutions instead of you giving it to them. I have them written out on my whiteboard so I don’t forget them and can instantly access them on a coaching phone call.
  • Jobs To Be Done, by Steven Wunker, Jessica Wattman and David Farber – This book and its methodologies will give your marketing people, and your entire team, a deeper understanding of why your customers buy.  It’s about the larger job they are trying to do with your solution or product not the features and benefits. It’s what your brand should be built around.
  • The Ideal Team Player, by Pat Lencioni – As I’ve always said, read anything he writes. This one is another one of his business fables about the attributes of the ideal team player, how to identify them, and how to leverage them to build a better team. If team work is truly important in your team.

Two that I’m going to read:

  • The Metronome Effect, by Shannon Susko – Susko is a fellow Gazelles Coach. Verne Harnish says it’s the perfect complement to Scaling Up, so it is on my list.
  • Your Oxygen Mask First: 17 Habits to Help High Achievers Survive & Thrive in Leadership & Life, by Kevin Lawrence – This is also by a fellow Gazelles Coach. You can’t take care of your business and others unless you take care of yourself first.

And of course, there is my book.  😉

Beyond reading these books, consider a tune up with In-Synk, http://rocknsand.com/offerings/tune-up, and get your company and team moving forward faster in first quarter of 2018.