There's Something About Bottlenecks - In-Synk Coaching - #GetInSynk - Michael Synk

Bottlenecks are in your business. There is something about bottlenecks that you should be relentlessly be paying attention to.

You face bottlenecks everywhere in your business. You’ll find them¬†externally in the marketplaces or industry you participate in. You may see them internally in the processes you follow, the people you employ, the technologies you employ, or your organizational structures.

As I’ve come to appreciate during my time as a strategy and execution coach, the major game changing improvements (rocks vs. sand) you make to your business are inevitably tied to the bottlenecks you face. You have to be relentlessly looking for the bottlenecks and discussing how to leverage them, destroy them, open them up, and/or go around them.

To be able to do this successfully, you have to acknowledge that everything you do in your business is part of a process. Some of the processes are external, and you have little to no control over them. The rest of the processes are internal, and you have lots of control over them. You have to look at everything as a process. If you can’t accept that everything is part of a process, trying to find bottlenecks is just about impossible.

You have to look in the mirror when doing this as well. Are you, as the leader of your organization, the bottleneck? Do not overlook yourself. There is a reason that the bottleneck is at the top of the bottle.

Acknowledge process and the place and purpose bottlenecks play in your organization. Then find them, and start working on finding solutions to them. When you do this relentlessly, you will unleash the growth from your organization.