Coach or Consultant? Who Do You Need? - Michael Synk - In-Synk Coaching - #GetInSynk

Consultant or coach? That’s an important question to consider. Whether you are facing an obstacle, attacking an opportunity, or creating alignment to drive growth, you need to think. Maybe you don’t need either.

A consultant fishes. A coach teaches you how to fish.

Simple cliche that captures most of what I’m trying to convey.

1–If you are attacking an obstacle or an opportunity, that has to be addressed and addressed right, and you realize that you and your team don’t remotely have the ability to execute on it, then you need a consultant. A good consultant knows the territory. He can come right in and do it for you and do it right, especially if it’s urgent.

2–If you are attacking an obstacle or an opportunity, that has to be addressed and addressed right, and you feel you have talented people (although they may lack knowledge or experience, or they appear to be stuck in the weeds on it) who can get it done, then you need a coach. A good coach knows the territory, has the ability to teach, can facilitate the dialogue that will sort out your plan of attack for your team, and can hold people accountable to doing it. Coaches work well in both urgent and non-urgent, yet important, situations.

3–If you need help prioritizing, planning, motivating, or staying on track, you could probably use a coach as well. Again, a good coach can teach, facilitate the process of making good decisions, and hold the team accountable for long term growth.

With #1 you get it done and get it done right, but you give up control. It can also become expensive. The ROI is usually good but limited to the obstacle/opportunity at hand.

With #2 and #3, it gets done and gets done right. You are involved in the process. Everyone involved becomes better leaders and teammates. You gain control instead of losing it (at least that’s how it works when I’m your coach).

While coaching is perceived to be expensive, it’s usually less expensive than alternatives, and the ROI goes well beyond the benefit of addressing the obstacle/opportunity at hand.

As a coach, I handle #2 (address obstacles/opportunities) and #3 (prioritize, facilitate, and hold teams accountable for long term growth).

So, do you need a consultant or a coach?

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