Hire Slow and Fire Fast - #GetInSynk - Michael Synk - In-Synk Coaching

Yesterday, I was reminded of this great observation from Jim Collins in his book Good To Great, that the “great” companies hire slow and fire fast.

This came to me while facilitating a quarterly session for one of my favorite clients. Our sessions together are always productive and engaging and fun, but yesterday’s session was definitely more upbeat and enjoyable. The team was enjoying each other. As a result, the dialogue was especially productive. It was a  downright good time. It proved to be more motivating and confidence building than usual and especially more so than the last one.

Rather than assume it was just my superior facilitation and coaching skills, I took time to ponder what was different this time. We had two new staff members with us, so I assume that helped as fresh faces usually bring energy. But, I also noticed that one person was missing.  

A staff member who had been struggling with teamwork, communication, and delegation with her staff wasn’t there. Her performance and her staff’s performance had been suffering. She had been let go.

It was as if a burden had been lifted. Now, the staff members previously working under her weren’t afraid of engaging in the meeting. They became outspoken, and they could laugh at themselves instead of being defensive. It changed the tone of the entire meeting.

The leader of this organization had been delaying dealing with the situation for some time, for some legitimate reasons, to be sure. However, at the end of the day, we both agreed he should have moved faster on it.

Hire slow; fire fast. Such a wise statement.

Next time you have a nagging performance issue, refer back to this nugget. If you follow it, you just might just unleash some growth.