Inward or Outward, Where Are You Looking for Your Next Rock for Business Growth? - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Where are you looking for your next opportunity for business growth?

Strategically, are you looking inward or outward to determine the next rock to move?

The strategy experts (myself included) love to look externally to the market. We enjoy examining the ever-changing world to define the next strategic move for the company. It’s fun, stimulating, creative, and challenging. Your strategic plan ultimately must address the challenges your core customers face in the world. We have to be looking externally, or outwardly, to create great strategic plans. After you identify these external issues, address or solve these challenges and you’ll be able to grow significantly.

You’ve identified an outward Rock, but what’s next?

The harder part of strategic thinking, and planning, is identifying the internal obstacles. Not only must you identify them, but you must also address them. Internal obstacles prevent your organization from acting on the external opportunities. The internal obstacles have to be addressed to be able to work on the external opportunities that exist for your company.

Don’t forget to be constantly moving the sand, but you want to organize your rocks. Most of the time, the inward rock must move before working on the outward rock.

You can’t look externally without looking internally. You’ve got to do both. In my experience, it’s usually the internal obstacles that prevent growth. Make sure you are looking inward to find rocks not just outward.

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