Do You Know the Heck Out Of Your People? #GetInSynk Michael Synk In-Synk Coaching

All the great leadership techniques and practices in the world are meaningless if you don’t know the “heck out of” your people.

There are good reasons for knowing those around you well and understanding the people working to build your company.

Two reasons why:

  • When you don’t know your people, you can’t empower them. You can not tap into their insights and expertise or meaningfully celebrate their successes. You’re not able to communicate the vision in ways meaningful to them. These are all essential elements of leading. You and your management teams need to be the best leaders you can possible be.
  • But more importantly, when you don’t know your people, they know you don’t know them. Then, they arrive at the conclusion that you don’t care about them. They disengage and treat their positions like grunt work. This leads them to find meaning elsewhere.

So, what should you do about it? Focus on getting to know your people better, professionally and personally. The personally is probably more important than the professionally. See the second bullet point from above.

Something else you can do about it? If you’re in Memphis (or want to make a trip to town), come to the Get In-Synk CEO Briefing on February 1oth at the Triumph Bank HQ.  The subject is Improving Your Team to Fuel Growth. We’ll be reviewing two books by Pat Lencioni. Each teach you how to know the “heck out of” your people to unleash the growth in your organization. Use this link get your ticket, and join me in February: