questions, quotes and notes from ScaleUp Summit by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Heads are still swirling around a bit from my “Think Week” at the Scaling Up Summit held in St. Louis. Rather than trying to explain it all for you, I’m going to list the questions, quotes, and notes that are on my mind. Let’s ponder them together.

Verne Harnish Quotes:

  • “Strategy is head hurting work. We have the answers, but we don’t know the questions.”
  • “Marketing is the #1 constraint to Scaling Up.”
  • “Insufficient data is the #2 constraint.”
  • “The CEO’s job is to press the ‘EASY BUTTON’; make things easier for customers to buy, for staff to do their jobs well, and for partners and vendors to help you…”
  • “CEOs should be talking to customers and employees most of their time.”
  • To find talent, go to an adjacent industry that people make less in.”

Ryan Holliday (author of The Daily Stoic, The Obstacle is the Way, and Ego is the Enemy) Quotes:

  • “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”
  • “Whether it is the best or worst time to be alive, doesn’t fucking matter.”
  • “Successful people learn warnings are wrong and dangerous.”
  • “Ego is never needed to accomplish anything. It’s the Disease of Me. Egos Chase Colored Balloons.”

Quotes and notes from all the others:

  • “What job is your customer trying to get done by hiring you, buying your product, or using your service?” Steve Wunker, author of Jobs to be Done. 
  • “Focus without perspective is a form of blindness.” Steve Wunker
  • “The Three Ps Process of writing doesn’t work: Procrastinate, Panic, Pray.” Josh Bernoff, author of Write Without Bullshit. If you write a lot you need to read this book.
  • “The 11th Commandment: Thou shall not take yourself too seriously.” Sam Zell
  • “You talk to generalists, but you buy from specialists.” Brandon Dempsey of goBRANDgo!
  • “3HAG – Three Year Highly Achievable Goal.” Shannon Susko, GI Coaches new “Execution” Thought Leader
  • “CEOs don’t listen to the wisdom of Flight Attendants (when demonstrating oxygen masks) and don’t take care of their needs first.” Kevin Lawrence, GI Coaches new “People” Thought Leader
  • “All of us are only two events away from mental illness.” Kevin Lawrence
  • “Rather than thinking ‘I’m right,’ ask yourself ‘How do you know you are right?” Brad Giles, Gazelles Coach from Down Under, on how to remain humble.
  • “When someone on the team isn’t living your Core Values, your company is running like an engine that is missing one cylinder.” Jerry Fons, Gazelles Coach, Wisconsin
  • Dare to be bad at something in order to dare to be great at something.”  someone paraphrasing the core message of Uncommmon Service by Frances Frei. This will be my next book to read.
  • “CFOs complicate things too much, and 80% of them don’t understand their roles.” Lynn Hartwick, Gazelles Coach, Pennsylvania
  • “Create your own pre-suasion. Be of service. Stop trying to solve things or help things. Notice how to be of service and serve.” Jeff Redmon, Gazelles Coach, Minnesota
  • “Strategy is defining what you won’t do.” Kaihan Krippendorf, GI Coaches new “Strategy” Thought Leader
  • Thinking about the Fosbury Flop. First they ignored him, then they laughed at him, then they competed with him, then they copied him. The Flop won out.

My Questions and Quote:

  • “What’s the most important one page strategic plan (OPSP) you have ever worked on? Don’t include your own business. Mine is the Dorothy Day House (DDH). What charity or do-good organization are you a board member of that would have a greater impact for society if they had a OPSP? Why aren’t you leading them through the process?”

More to come.