4 Ways to Get Return on Clarity by Michael Synk - In-Synk - #GetInSynk

I’ll bet you are familiar with ROI, Return On Investment, but are you familiar with ROC, Return On Clarity?

You experience ROC when you work on your complex business. You make it easy to understand for your customers, staff, vendors, and partners. Lots of opportunities exist to do this with your business or organization.

The obvious place to start is by creating an easy to understand strategic plan (I know just the person to help you create one of those with your team ;-).  A good One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) sets the purpose, values, strategy, and direction for the company.  A good OPSP makes it easy for your team to enact.

You can also get a Return On Clarity by doing reviews or tune-ups of the various parts or departments of your business.  Cleaning up or refreshing your processes, eliminating unnecessary steps, and attacking the bottlenecks or choke points within your processes are parts of an effective tune-up. Here’s a little video I did on bottlenecks that should help you get the idea.

You can also get a ROC by doing a Talent Review.  When done effectively, you get a clear picture on who is performing and who isn’t. Therefore, you get a return by hiring better players and improving the players you already have.

Finally you can a Return On Clarity by doing a Cash Flow Tune Up. By looking at your Income Statement levers and Balance Sheet levers, you can achieve some instant clarity on how to improve your cash. Soon, I’ll be posting a video on my YouTube channel on Cash Flow Clarity. Subscribe to my channel be notified of new videos.

You see, there are lots of opportunities to increase your clarity. When you increase clarity, you unleash growth.

All of these are things a coach should be helping you with.  That’s what I do for my clients. Deliver a Return On Clarity.  It’s a great investment in the growth of your business.