What do you say when someone on your team brings you a problem? - Michael Synk - In-Synk Growth Coaching - #GetInSynk

Someone on your team brings you a problem. You probably don’t jump up and down with excitement, but how do you handle this when it happens? Are you grateful; do you say “thank you”? Or, do you shoot the messenger?

Choose the first option.

The first reason you should say “thank you” is that a problem is a gift. It’s something that can probably be solved to improve your company. Think of problems as opportunities. You want people to bring you problems. You do not want your team members to be discouraged. This leads to the second reason to be grateful for these opportunities.

The second reason you should say “thank you” is because, it means the “messenger” coming to you cares about your company. He/She is engaged. This person wants to improve things. You want people like this in your company.

The third reason you should say “thank you” is because if you don’t, people won’t bring up additional problems that need to be solved.

After saying “thank you”, make sure you truly listen, and then make sure the issue gets addressed. This doesn’t necessarily mean the problem must be addressed by you or the other person, but by those who can fix it.

Then, make sure to give updates on the progress.

When you do this, people will bring you more gifts. Remember, you now see problems as gifts. By addressing them, you unleash growth in so many different ways.

It all starts by saying “thank you.”