Start Measuring Something, Then Get Better At It - #GetInSynk - In-Synk

I was working with a client recently on creating scorecards for the key positions within their company. When we got to the point of measuring outcomes he said, “We haven’t tracked data on this function before, so we have nothing to go on.”

I took out the velvet glove and applied it quite liberally to this person. “Why should that stop you? You have some sort of idea about how the main responsibility for the position should be executed, don’t you?”

A plan followed. You might find these steps could help you, too.

  1. Draw up a flow chart of the process that should be followed.
  2. Take a guess at how many times it needs to be done correctly or how well it needs to be done or how fast it needs to be done.
  3. Start measuring.

It might not be completely accurate when you start, but as you track it you’ll get better at understanding the metric. At that point, start modifying it and get better and better at it. You’ll then have a great measurement for the position or process going forward.

When you have a history of data on something that you need to measure, take advantage of that. However, don’t let the lack of history keep you from measuring as you move forward. If you don’t have the history to start with, there’s no better time than the present to start making that history.