Six Signs Your Strategic Planning Process Is Too Simple - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

If you agree with any of these six, you have some work to do.

Ever wonder about your strategic planning process? You should, because it’s important and should be treated as so.

Here are some things to watch out for that might indicate you’re not treating this process as seriously as you should. Take a look, and give your planning process more teeth.

Six signs that your strategic planning process/system is too simple if…

  1. …it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable on a regular basis.
  2. …your assumptions, upon which you run your company, are not challenged.
  3. …it doesn’t inspire your team to think or act differently.
  4. …you can update without input from your team or from your customers.
  5. …benchmarks, to which you can be held accountable, aren’t set.
  6. …your team isn’t wringing their hands a bit as they work with you to update it.

After completing your plan, it should be simple enough to understand and clear to everyone on the team. However, it shouldn’t be too easy to create or execute.

So, is your strategic planning process too simple?

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