Have your own think week - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk - ScaleUp Summit - St. Louis - 2017

Have you heard about the think week?

Most of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with embrace learning, constantly reading, participating in round tables and workshops and webinars. I do it as well but am heavier on books than the other two. The reason we do it is that the world is changing. Our businesses and markets are shifting, and we acknowledge that we need to keep investing in our own education to stay fresh, relevant, and ahead of the game.

I don’t know about you, but all the learning can take it’s toll. Right now I have three business books open at the same time, feeling compelled to complete them to stay ahead of things for my clients. At the same time, I have clients to coach and serve that compete with the learning for my attention. It’s a yin and yang thing. At some point, I have to say “enough already.” I close the books for a while.

What we really should be doing is having a think week or two each year.

Like Bill Gates does.

Bill piles up all the books and reports and articles and videos that he can’t get to but thinks are important. Then, once a year he locks himself away and plows through all that he’s set aside. In doing so, he not only learns useful information and data, he makes connections between all the ideas that have been set aside, multiplying the his learning quotient. Shouldn’t we all be doing this?

But, we aren’t Bill Gates are we?

Our businesses might not be cruising along like Microsoft. They may not be able to afford to being on autopilot for a week. We might not have the leadership teams beneath us to carry on like Bill does. We might not even have a place to go to lock ourselves away with the books, articles, and videos. What are we to do? We know we could use a think week.

Let me tell you what I’ve been doing to get my Think Week in each year. For the past 8 years, each spring and each fall, I’ve attended the Scaling Up Summit (formerly known as the Gazelles Growth Summit). Each Summit consists of two days of keynote addresses given by recognized thought leaders (serious authors) curated by Verne Harnish (Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up). These leaders deliver the latest, greatest, and most effective learning in which CEOs and entrepreneurs need to take part.

It’s a bit of a fire hose, but it sure knocks out a bunch of books for me. It also guides me on which ones I really need to read next.

The Fall Scaling Up Summit is on October 17th and 18th in St. Louis. Click on this webpage to get an attendance code that you can use to get a $345 discount on the summit fee. Register this way, and I’ll come by your table and give you a copy of my book, Rock & Sand, as my gift to welcome you to the summit.

Make the summits a habit, and unleash the growth from your business.