Why Didn't I See This? - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk - In-Synk Coaching

“Why didn’t I see this?” That question comes up a lot while I’m coaching. More often than you probably imagine. Usually, it’s after I ask a question or point out something for clarification.

I’m not a genius. Although, I do think I’m pretty smart and¬†experienced at this strategy thing. Certainly, being the outside set of eyes looking at your business has it’s advantages. My clients are often caught up in the weeds.

A fresh set of eyes, trained and experienced to look at specific data, often sees signs clients miss. It’s that I’m both looking at the data differently as well as looking at different data. By data, I don’t mean the financials either. I mean the evidence of all the things going on and how it all fits together or not. Usually, I’m asking for more data. Most of the time, I’m looking about what’s going on more than the client is.

Your strategic operating system is also important. Whether it be the One Page Plan and the Rockefeller Habits or the Traction/EOS system (or some facsimile thereof), it should be pushing this wide ranging data to you so you can see it. Often, those using these systems, especially the do-it-yourself-ers, aren’t getting the strategic operating system to feed them the data. It’s important that you are seeing the right data. You not only want the right data, but you want it delivered in a meaningful way.

As you know, I’m a Gazelles/Rockefeller Habits guy, and it pains me to know that the RockHabits DIYers have this problem just as often as the Traction/EOS DIYers.

Get your strategic operating/organizing system feeding you the right data in a meaningful way.

A fresh set of trained eyes, experienced in working with the right day can help you see the way to growth.

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