Are You Equipped for Growth? - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Twice in the past two weeks, I’ve had participants in a presentation and a retreat use the word “equipped” to describe how they felt about what they learned that day. Never had anyone use that word before now. So, I had to dig deeper and ask what exactly they meant.

What does it mean to be equipped for business or business growth?

Both participants were feeling “uncertain” about the future of their organizations. Neither expressed their uncertainty in a negative way. There are good opportunities and good futures in front of both of them. Yet, they felt uncertain about how things would play out. They wanted to feel more in control about acting on the opportunities. In the retreat, we were working on the “Road Map to Growth,” and the “Four Decisions Model” and the connections between the two. During the presentation, which was really more of an educational event for entrepreneurs/business owners, I was leading the participants through the “Road Map to Growth” and relating how it will help them make better, faster, and more effective decisions about their growth opportunities.

After the sessions, the participants said they now felt “equipped” to deal with what is in front of them. Some uncertainty remained. However, as a result of the presentation, they found themselves with increased confidence about finding their way through it and beyond it. The tools we worked on and reviewed gave them context for creating success. It also gave them a plan for acting on it.

Therefore, they felt equipped to go forward.

That’s one of the outcomes of working with a Gravitas Impact Premium Coach like me. Confidence and actionable plans are tools and “equipment” to build growth in your organization.

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By the way, I close just about every coaching session or workshop with this question,”Tell me a word that describes how you feel, as a result of our time together.” It’s a great temperature checking question that I recommend you use at the end of all your important meetings. Reveals a lot about how things are going and what you can do about it.

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