"Be Right" or "Get It Right" What is your focus? by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Which is your focus?

Do you want to “be right” or “get it right”? Pretty interesting question isn’t it? Most people will say the correct option is to “get it right.” As leaders, parents, citizens, and business people, we all intuitively know that the way forward in whatever it is we do is  to “get it right” more often then we get it wrong.

Inevitably, we get this wrong. Something happens in the process. We shift to “be right” over “get it right.” Might be just for an instance, but usually it evolves into a habit. All sorts of things cause this: hubris, insecurity, success, intelligence, anger, frustration, etc. I could write a blog about each and every cause (don’t worry, I won’t). However, I will be doing a three part series on this dilemma and how it’s resolution impacts the growth of you business. Consider this post the first part of the series.

So, which right is your focus?

  • “Be right” is about winning the debate, positioning yourself or your idea as the best person or the winning idea. It’s a contest, a beauty pageant, a match race, a competition. It’s about looking good, winning the argument, impressing others, and maybe even intimidating other people.
  • “Get it right” is about gaining understanding, clarifying complexity, creating the best solution, and aligning everyone around it. It’s about listening, learning, leading instead of telling, teamwork, and creating commitment.

During your organization’s next problem solving session, observe everyone’s behavior using the criteria listed above. Try to determine which category applies to them. Better yet, apply the criteria to how you participate in the meeting. What is your focus?

Part two of the series will focus on how to shift to “get it right” from “be right.”

Part three will focus on the benefits, or lack thereof, of being one or the other.

Stay tuned.