Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches - What Does It Mean For You? by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Gravitas Impact means more. Much more.

My coaching organization recently broke away from its parent/partner organization, and I went with them (or stayed with them, depending on your point of view).

Gravitas Impact hasn’t dramatically transformed my effectiveness or expertise as a coach just yet. Currently, I’m working from the same body of knowledge and techniques from my previous affiliation. However, with Gravitas Impact, my body of knowledge, techniques, tools, and support will grow significantly. In fact, the transformation process has already started.

For you?

It means more, so much more.

We’re building from our base, The Four Decisions Model®, and adding new thought leaders, as well as new content, new tools and new support. We’ll be able to continue to “unleash growth” but in a premium way.

The Four Decisions Model® applies to all business leaders. Each leader, no matter the challenges, faces four critical decision areas that must be addressed correctly in order to maximize revenue, profit and time—and ultimately enjoy breakthrough business growth. It focuses around people, strategy, execution, and cash.

Gravitas Impact, let me translate it for you. Coaches of substance that bring companies, CEOs, and teams to life in order to unleash their growth.

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