Keep Winning. How do the Patriots Keep Winning? - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Love them or hate them, one can’t ignore the winning record of excellence demonstrated by the Patriots in the past decade or so. They’re in the Super Bowl again (hurrah or dammit). Since 2000, they have played in eight of them and won five! They’ve played in 14 AFC Championships and won eight. That means 14 AFC East Titles, and they have gone 201-71.

They are always knocking at the door.

Though many attribute it to cheating (Deflategate and Spygate), I’m sure it has much to do with the future Hall of Famer’s Bill Belichek and Tom Brady. These guys are a winning combination if there ever was one. There have been other great coach/QB combos (Lombardi/Starr, Knoll/Bradshaw, Walsh/Montana, Landry/Staubach, Dungy/Manning) over the years, but they haven’t come close to the success of the Patriots.

What makes the Patriots different?

It’s their dedication to team work and being good teammates. I’m not talking about having the best plays or strategy. I’m talking about how well they work together. They work on more than just running the right plays the right way at the right time. They work on working together well. Constantly. They are self aware and fully aware of each other. This team knows how to communicate effectively. They can read each others’ minds.

Do you work on working together well? Are the various members of your team self aware of their weaknesses and strengths as well as the weaknesses and strengths of each other? Are they lined up correctly around them, as well as being aligned around your organization’s strategy?

Your team needs to work on working well together. too.

Besides having a great strategy or playbook to generate sustainable success, how do you do this? 

A good start is to use a tool like the Predictive Index ™ to help individual team members become self aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and then share them each other. This allows teams of all types to become better able to work with each other. Team players become better at utilizing each other’s strengths and working around each other’s weaknesses to move the company forward.

I’ve become a Predictive Index ™ Ambassador and have been using the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment to raise the games of the leadership teams of my clients. I’ve been conducting what I’m calling In-Synk Executive Alignments. Communication barriers are broken; collaboration is enhanced; teamwork increases, and achievements come faster. It’s a session that helps the team work on being a better team. In other words, they work on working together well.

You might hate Patriots, but you can’t help but be envious of their ability to succeed and keep winning. It comes from working at being a good team. An In-Synk Executive Alignment will get that process started for you.

Full disclosure: I’m a Wolverine, and I love Tom Brady. Go Blue!