How Often and How Are You Talking Rocks and Sand? by Micheal Synk - In-Synk Coaching - #GetInSynk

The title of this post makes me want to ask an additional question about your talking or conversing.

Are you or aren’t you talking about your Rocks and Sand?

We GI Coaches often say that “Meeting Rhythm Moves the Rocks.” I say it all the time. What we really are saying is that “CONVERSATIONS move the Rocks and Sand.”

Timely, regular, effective conversations get things done.

It’s not that I want you talking to each other all the time. That would drive most of us crazy and take up so much time. But at regular intervals of the daily huddle, weekly meeting, monthly meetings, and quarterly meetings you should be having the appropriate types of conversations about the Rocks and Sand.

You want conversations that generate progress.

Except at the daily huddles, the conversations should veer away from the “tell and sell” conversational pattern and towards the co-creator pattern. How you converse is just as important as what you are conversing about. Make the how and what match.

You must have these conversations if you want growth. Make sure they take place whether you think you need them or not.

If you are looking for a starting place, these tools might help.

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