How To Build Confidence? Build Your Bench! by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

My clients that have the strongest benches, or work on building a strong bench, are usually my most confident decision makers. I see this confidence in all of their decisions not just the staffing ones.

That’s because they know they aren’t stuck if someone leaves or has to be asked to leave. There are options available, maybe not perfect ones, but options. Things won’t fall apart.  They’ll be able to get through it.

This is why one of the primary responsibilities of the CEO, and his leadership team, is building the bench.

Each member of the leadership team should be on the constant lookout for the good people from within their organization that can be moved up as well as people from outside the organization who they would love to add to the organization. Even at times when promotions from within or positions also offered to those outside are not available. Besides being on the lookout, they should be nurturing relationships with those people as well.

One of the certainties of business is that people will leave you.

People retire. They get recruited away, or their spouses get transferred. Some get burnt out, and others get asked to leave. It’s going to happen no matter what. Hopefully, most of it will be positive. No matter the reason though, you can minimize the impact and act faster by developing your bench and your virtual bench. The virtual bench is those people you want to add but don’t have a position for at a particular time.

I have some clients that keep a chart that they review each month of all the people on their two types of benches. They track where they are in building a relationship with them so when they do have to add people, they can do it quickly. These clients hold themselves accountable for it. It’s a metric they have to report on to each other.

Besides making yourself more confident about staffing changes and additions, building the benches builds confidence in all the other decisions as well. Your entire team will get better and better. With that, the pressure from the many tough situations you face lessens. Better input, faster response, better execution. Better results.

Want to build your confidence? Build your benches.

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