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It’s October. The beginning of the end of the year is upon us. It’s almost time to turn the page.

It’s the start of the last quarter.

There’s an expression, “Springtime is when little boys’ minds turn to baseball and batting averages.” This is often used toward the end of the school year, when it’s necessary to keep a student’s attention on studies while there are many opportunities for distraction. For business, while this time of the year is World Series time, it’s also time for CEOs and entrepreneurs to turn their minds to strategic thinking and execution planning for the new year while keeping a focus on the remaining activities currently at hand.

Information from this year can greatly impact next year’s strategic plan.

If you have a strategic plan, it’s time to pull the team together and refresh it. Breath some life back into it. Have them pull it apart, challenge its assumptions, and make adjustments accordingly.

If you don’t have a strategic plan, it’s time to pull a team together and create one.

Do it yourself or do it with help (that might be someone like me). Schedule the time on the calendar. Plan your work, then work the plan. It makes sense. Get it done.

How should you plan for next year by using what you know from this year?

Here are a couple of my options for you to consider.

A Pre-Planning Accelerator Session – The best strategic plans include input from middle management and the front line. This is a session with the middle managers and or frontline that engages them in your process and makes sure you get things right. Learn more about pre-planning sessions here.

Scaling Up Accelerator Sessions  – Three options are offered.

Option 1.  Take the First Step – Introduce your team to some new strategic planning tools,”The Four Decisions Assessment” and the “Road Map to Growth.” Then pound out next year’s plan. This is a half day session.

Option 2.   Meet the Challenges – Add more expertise and tools that will help them break through to the next level of growth with Talent Assessment, Cash Accelerator Tool, Key Discipline Habits, and Master Quarterly Planning. This is a full day session.

Option 3.   Make the Leap from Good to Great – Complete a Four Decisions® Assessment Report and Analysis, pound out a Four Decisions® Growth RoadmapTM for the next 3 years. Receive training and education on the core tools for the Four Decisions: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

Learn more about these three options here. 

Or set up a discovery meeting with me.

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