Your sales team needs to read this book

Usually, I’ll post recommended book lists a couple of times a year. This recommendation for selling couldn’t wait.

Stop Selling and Start Leading

This is a book your management/sales team should read.

I mean it. Read it. Don’t pick it up and set it on your credenza or nightstand. Order it, and crack it open as soon as you get it. Finish it quickly. Then put it to work.

We’ve all learned that the sales game has changed. Customers don’t want to be sold, but they do want to buy.

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have taken their findings on leadership from their seminal book, The Leadership Challenge and have explored the world of sales and have learned that the way customers buy lines up with the strong leadership habits outlined in The Leadership Challenge. They have compiled this new book, Stop Selling and Start Leading (with additional co-author Deb Calvert) that outlines and demonstrates how it works.

Your best sales people (if you have good ones) aren’t pitching anything to customers and prospects. They are leading them through a buying process to make good decisions through good leadership behaviors. Modeling the Way, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, Enabling Others to Act, Encouraging the Heart.

Get Stop Selling and Start Leading, and get to work.