Shifting from Being Right to Getting It Right - #GetInSynk

The difficulty with shifting from “being right” to “getting it right” is that it is much more easy to “be right” than to be “get it right.” It’s worth going through the pain of this shift to become a more effective leader and to unleash the growth from your organization.

If your focus is on “being right”…

you don’t have to consult others to take action or make a decision. You merely have to consult yourself, and then make sure you are heard. You merely have to convince yourself that your decision or action is a sound one. Then just go do it. It’s how you manage most of the decisions and actions of your life as you proceed through your day. In the short term, it’s easier to just go do it. It’s natural.

If your focus is on “getting it right”…

presenting your idea for approval is the last thing you want to do, but shifting this behavior pays off. Your focus shifts to letting everyone else be heard first, taking inventory of their ideas, and thinking before putting your idea out there. This takes time. It’s not natural, at least not for most people.

Shifting your focus takes practice.

Your first action is to define the problem or idea that you have to get right. Focus on that. Hold your idea back. Have dialogue not a debate. Throw in your idea for getting it right in the process but only after hearing those ideas of the others in the dialogue. With a full inventory of ideas, thoughts, and data, you’ll have the best chance of “getting it right.”

“Getting it right” or leading doesn’t feel natural. In fact some experts say that if it feels natural, you probably aren’t “getting it right.” Think about that for a minute. Leading isn’t a natural action. It’s awkward, and that is a sign of “getting it right.” It feels awkward when you’re figuring it out.

Next in this three-part series is the impact and benefits of making this shift for you and your team.