Do you know what the most important question is to ask your customers? #GetInSynk

The most important question to ask your customers is…oh, but don’t ask right away.

It is an important question to ask but not during the sales process.

Ask it after you have landed the customer and have delivered well on your commitments. Ask it of all your existing customers that you think are your “Core Customers,” those that love you, are loyal, tell others about you, don’t bitch about price, and are fun to work with.

Keep in mind that this set of customers is probably only 20% of your client base but probably delivers 80% of your business.

Here’s the question:

  • “Do you remember when you first talked to us (or ordered from us)? Will you tell me about what was going on in your business and job that made you decide to make a change and consider us?”

Then probe the answer to death to gain insight as to what drove their decision to make the change and talk to you. Resist the urge to make another sale.

In fact, don’t let your sales person make this call or ask this question.

You as the CEO, or maybe a marketing expert, make this particular call. This is not a salespeople call; they’ll try to make a sale and ruin the conversation.

The answers you get will be the keys to building a great “brand promise” to apply to all of your customers and prospects. Infuse what you learn into all of your processes that intersect with your customers. This should be reflected in marketing, sales, customer service, etc.

Get ready to learn and grow.