Which is Front and Center In Your Organization? Rocks or Sand? Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Rocks or Sand?

That is the question. Is it nobler to push the sand or move the rocks? If you have read my book you know that the answer is not one or the other, but both. Both need to be front and center within your organization if you want to unleash growth.

So, why can’t you keep both front and center?

Because the sand is relentless, makes your money for you, and is immediate. I recently talked to my pastor about this. He knows what I do and was asking for advice on moving the parish forward. He had read my book. “I just can’t get to the rocks that will build our parish, the need to minister (his sand) never stops coming and the rocks never get attention. I can’t say no to ministering to others.” So the growth of the parish is stalled. But if he doesn’t get to the rocks, the ministering will disappear. I’m going to be advising him on how to make both front and center.

It’s not easy but necessary.

Your sand is “right now” and demands and requires immediate attention. Rocks are for the future yet should be worked on now too. If not, the sand will go away. Either that, or the sand will become quicksand that will swallow you up.

My last couple of posts dealt with Talking About Your Rocks and Sand and Seeing Your Rocks and Sand. You’ll want to review those, too!