Michael Synk

My two previous posts have discussed discovering whether you are focused on “getting it right” or “being right” and how to shift your focus for growth. Now, we’ll look at the reasons for “why” you should make this change.

Why is “getting it right” better than ‘being right” for your company?

By focusing on “getting it right” instead of “being right,” you and your organization will benefit in so many ways. Let’s cover the main ones.

  • You get buy in from the team. By engaging in dialogue to “get it right,” you engage the brains of your team and in doing so they’ll find it so much easier to commit to what you will be doing. They were part of the process of the decision instead of just implementing it.
  • Your team gets smarter every time you engage in dialogue to “get it right.” They’ll be exercising their thinking muscles. When you exercise more you get stronger right?  Same thing with the brain. It get’s smarter. You want smarter people don’t you?
  • Your team members learn how to lead. When you are ready for more leaders, you’ll have them.
  • The pressure is off of you. You won’t have to come up with all the ideas and decisions. You’ll be making them with other brains engaged. The decisions will be better and better and better. Opportunities just might get solved before they ever get to you. You will no longer have to solve everything.
  • You’ll have more time for identifying larger opportunities for you and your organization. Enough said.

“Getting it right” is so much better than “being right.” As Billy Crystal used to say about looking good is better than feeling good, “It’s Marvelous!” And you end up being right and more right as a result.