10 Multiplier Moves from Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

This blog about “multiplier moves” is a follow-up post to an earlier one about the book Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman.

At a recent session on this book, the presenter gave us the challenge of becoming a “multiplier” by employing “multiplier moves” instead of diminishing ones.

The key insight for me and most of the audience was that no matter how hard we try, we’ll always make a mistake and make a diminisher type of move. To avoid this, make a list of “multiplier moves” and practice them. Have them ready to deploy when someone comes to you asking for you to solve something for them.

“Multiplier moves” are usually questions rather than answers. They’re questions that help people move towards a solution on their own or together with you.

Some of the “multiplier moves” I’ve assembled and you are free to steal are:

Tell me more about that…

Why do you say that?

What am I not seeing?

And what else?

What will be hard about this?

What do you see?

If you had a magic wand…

What’s the real problem…

Is this your best work?

What does great look like to you?

These turn a potentially diminishing situation into a multiplying one. They challenge the person or team to think, to think bigger, to learn, and to dialogue. This leads them to consider more than the obvious data to solve the problem. You get a better solution and a smarter person who is ready to handle bigger things in the future.

Multiply your team.