A Bold Book Review by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Not being a “sales guru” I was initially hesitant to write a review of Selling Boldlyby Alex Goldfayn. In the end, I came to realize that the book is wise about sales and so many other things that I really needed to do a book review.

Here’s the short version.

Pick up the book. Download the forms, and do what Alex says. Just do it. That is if you want to improve your results.

Here’s the longer version.

Alex brings so much common sense to selling that you can’t ignore this book. You’ll sell more effectively. You’ll build your confidence, and you’ll get referrals. You will be able to get more business from existing customers. How?

By picking up the phone and calling them.

  • Fewer people today are using the phone. You’ll stand out from your competitors. Digital communication is great for confirming things and sending information. It’s not ideal for building relationships.
  • Most people hesitate calling their customers because they are afraid of bothering them, or they think the customers don’t want to hear from them. They may even think they will make them mad. Alex says this is nonsense. Head-trash you talk yourself into.
  • Your customers, with whom you are succeeding, are friendly. His word for them is “friendlies.” They want to hear from you and want to tell others about you and most likely would do more business with you if they knew how. So call them. Just do it.
  • Alex applies the science of positive psychology to sales. The researched and tested findings, of Martin Seligman, PhD, the father of modern positive psychology.

There’s more to “Selling Boldly” than just this. More for another blog.