Strategy - Looking for Clues - Blog Post Image for finding what's missing even when you have good strategy and good teams in your business.

You know that you have a good strategy. You also have confidence that your team knows what to do. However, you know there’s something missing. What is it?

Sound familiar?

I truly wish this not to be the case for you, but you’ve probably asked yourself this question many times over the years of running your business. You will probably ask yourself again many times in the future.

Let me venture a guess at the answer.

My educated guess and experience leads me to point to connections and commitment.

Let’s look at connections.

Strategy can be unconnected to execution in many ways. Maybe it’s been developed from the top and handed down, so the frontline and middle managers are at least initially skeptical of the changes the strategy requires. After creating the strategic plan, is it talked about regularly, and measured for progress, making sure everyone is contributing instead off everyone going back to what they were doing? After all, the day to day activities that generate cash are flying at them constantly (the SAND) and that comes first, right? Is the strategy even communicated to the frontline, or is it kept in a drawer for just a select few? (Ask me about the mushroom school of management sometime). Is the strategy connected to the higher needs of the core customer? This means that your strategy is connected to what the customers need to buy, instead of you want to sell them,

Answer these questions, and you will start finding what is missing due to a lack of connection.

Take a look at commitment.

So often, teams aren’t truly committed to the strategy or even the company. They’re just putting time in to collect the income they need. Have you effectively communicated the impact your service/product makes to it’s customers and the world? Did you ask them to be involved in the creation of the plan? Have you asked your people how to accomplish the new initiatives of the plan and included them in assessing progress? Do you help them understand how they individually contribute to the overall success of the plan? Have you acknowledged their input and acted on it when possible?

Address these questions. You’ll start finding what is missing because of lack of commitment.

Increased connection and commitment unleashes growth.

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