Best Wei Chen Story - Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

The passing of Wei Chen, founder of Sunshine Enterprise, and three of his top leaders (John Chen, Bruce Pelynio, and Danielle Robinson) is a tragedy shocking so many people, both here in Memphis and around the world. There is not much to say about it that is comforting, except to share good stories about them. So many stories were told over and over again at the wakes, services, and receptions.

I’m a better person for having listened to all the stories about this influential man.

One particular interchange I had with Wei, some time ago, came when he was a member of a peer group I was leading. When another member asked for advice from the group about his upcoming vacation, we all listened. This guy was worried about leaving his business alone for two weeks and was thinking about canceling at least part of his trip because of recent challenging developments. Almost to a tee, the rest of the members advised him to shorten or cancel his vacation. Most cited the risk of being away from things. Not Wei. He looked at the situation differently.

“Pack and go. All two weeks of it. Go, no matter what.”

Everyone was puzzled by his advice and looked at Wei with quizzical faces.

“You win no matter what happens. If things go wrong, you will know what you have to fix. Then your business will get better and grow. If things go well, you will know you have a good team and can take more vacations.”

“Pack and Go. All two weeks of it. Go, no matter what.”

I can proudly tell you that every member of that peer group and their leader enjoyed full, two week vacations that year.

Hopefully, this little bit of Wei Chen helps you with any grief you may have and inspires you to think as positively about the future as Wei did. He is missed.

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