Win the Day & Your Daily Meeting by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

The daily huddle is an event that we talk about when following the Four Decisions Model™. It’s something we should all be doing.

My normal advice for the daily stand-up huddle is for everyone to briefly report the “main thing” that they need to accomplish that day, no matter what happens.

After sharing their main things, then share any intel or information that’s useful to others that has came up since yesterday’s huddle. Follow that step with bringing up any “stucks” that one is dealing with. Pretty simple right?

I’m re-thinking that advice.

The positive psychology research that I’ve been reading recently says something that stuck out to me. It points out what confident people do at the beginning of each day. They decide how they will successfully negotiate the day. This is done by mentally drawing a picture for themselves about what success looks like for everything on their plate that day, large and small items, easy and difficult items. When they do that, they perform better that day. Each success of the day brings confidence to the next task of the day and continues building confidence through the day.

Let’s win your daily huddle by making it more meaningful and positive.

The intent of the daily huddle becomes how the team “will win the day.” It’s not just reporting on what’s going to happen or what has got to get done. A winning daily huddle has that along with the team telling each other what succeeding looks like that day.

Why not bring this to the daily huddle? Seems to me we should make “winning the day” the theme of the huddle each day. Have each person report in on the main thing they need to get done that day. Then they tell their team what winning (or success) looks like in getting it done. It builds confidence for the individual and the team. It also engages the team to help with stucks when winning appears to be really difficult.

What do you think of introducing this to your daily huddles?