Need More Staff? by Michael Synk #GetInSynk

Have you tried “multiplying” the staff you have?

No, I’m not talking about cloning your staff. That would be a pretty good trick if you could pull it off, though.

I’m talking about the book Multipliers and the ideas and techniques outlined in it.

Multilpliers, by Liz Wiseman will transform the way you lead your team. The author has extensively studied those leaders who get better results than their peers even though they have equally talented and equally sized teams. They “multiply” the output of their teams, and it happens willingly.

The key to Multipliers is first recognizing that your staff is smart enough to figure things out. Then after acknowledging it, change the way you all go about solving problems.

For instance, present the problem to your people.

Instead of trying to provide solutions to their teams and asking for input or approval, they approach their teams with the problem. At this point, they use dialogue and ask about solving it.

This way, the problem (or opportunity) is owned by the team.

Then, they are committed to it.

Leaders then listen and make sure the dialogue is strong and all aspects of the situation are covered, maybe even asking people to dig deeper. They will then lead the team towards the solution but not providing the solution.

When you first start “multiplying” it goes slow.

As you continue doing it, the team gets smarter and smarter. That’s when the “multiplication” takes place and the “multiplier’s” team starts getting “multiplied” outcomes.

Do you think your team is smart enough to figure things out? Do you have to provide all the solutions, therefore diminishing your team?

I hope it’s the first, and you can expand your team without adding anyone.

Get the book if you haven’t already. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it in the future.