Serving Leadership vs. Servant Leadership by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

At the Gravitas Impact Coaches Summit I attended recently, I found myself listening to Dave Ramsey. The thing is, he got a bit off track in his presentation and started musing about why many leaders have a hard time with the idea of servant leadership.

We all know it is the better way. Research backs it up.

He put it this way: The word “servant,” to so many people and to many leaders as well, means “subservience” to others. Doing the will of others. Waiting on others. Being a slave to others.

Servant leadership is leading them with their best interests at heart. It’s a very different meaning than how many people take it.

He suggested calling it “service leadership” or “serving leadership.” These two descriptions might be better names for the best way to lead.

Good point Dave Ramsey. I agree. I like “serving leadership” best.

Does this change how you look at servant leadership and enable you to become a better leader?