Two Books for 2019 suggested by Michael Synk - In-Synk Coaching - #GetInSynkThere are two books I want you to consider for the the year, but they aren’t new ones. You may have heard of them or even read them. Maybe, you should read them again.

One is a real golden oldie from 1993.

The first is The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack.

When I first picked up The Great Game of Business (GGOB) back in 1993, I was living in Boston. The morning’s Boston Globe reviewed the book.  Between meetings that day, I found a bookstore and purchased the book. I find myself regularly coming back to it every couple of years. This past November, at a Gravitas Impact summit, I had the opportunity hear Jack Stack, the author, along with Rich Armstrong, president of The Great Game of Business, refresh the content for me. Immediately I was re-energized by their presentation and empowerment the GGOB unleashes in the frontline and middle management of companies practicing GGOB. I have just spent an afternoon with Rich brushing up on the GGOB so I can use its principles with my clients.

The other book is a golden, not so oldie, one from 2010.

The second book I recommend for the year is Multipliers by Liz Wiseman.

Multipliers is another book that never gets dusty on my bookshelf. It’s a leadership book that details how the very best leaders “multiply” the contributions of the teams. The resulting effect gets twice as much engagement and twice as many results. It’s leadership 201. As you can see with this short description, a “multiplier” empowers his or her team.

There’s a strong connection between these books.

Although it may appear that the books are totally unrelated to each other, they work well together.

The deeper connection between the books is that they both ascribe to a core belief that leaders should have about their people. “My teammates are smart enough to figure this out.” The Great Game of Business and Multipliers both acknowledge the power of teams and their abilities to solve any problem or  tackle any opportunity in front of them. That’s the main connection.

I’m going to be doing some more blogs about both books in the near future so stay tuned.

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