Who Is The Smartest in the Room? WE are the smartest! - ROCK & Sand by Michael Synk - #RockAndSand

“We are the smartest person in the room…”  This quote, by fellow Gravitas Coach Ted Sarvata found in the forward of the new “Premium Edition” of Rock & Sand: A Practical Insight to Business Growthcaptures the theme of the book.

Collective efforts of your team, in the creation of your strategic plan, produce a better plan.

You end up with a plan that the team will commit to. It will deliver better results than doing it by yourself then handing it down to the team.

The original concept of my Rock & Sand book, was a collaboration between me and my clients.

It captures why owners and entrepreneurs need a strategic plan, what needs to be in one, and what to do about it after its creation. It connects strategy to execution in a simple and compelling manner. The “smartest person in the room” was not me. Results came from all of the clients and me, coming together to create the Rock & Sand Model™.

The new “Premium Edition” adds more collaboration.

This time collaboration between ten of the best and brightest coaches in the Gravitas Community was added. Each of the collaborators was asked to write a chapter illustrating and explaining how a business owner or entrepreneur can create each component of the plan by tapping into their “smartest person in the room,” their leadership team, and/or their middle managers. Following these instructions with your team, you’ll create a stronger strategic plan. Therefore, it helps your “smartest person in the room” to become smarter and stronger at the same time.

This book is about engaging your “smartest person in the room.” Your real “smartest person in the room” is the collection of minds on your team. Together, WE are a smarter, more effective, and aligned team that will unleash the growth of your company.

Are you ready to tap into your team and develop “the smartest person in the room”? Get excited about unleashing the growth and potential of your company.

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