What My Customers Didn't Know by Michael Synk - #GetInSynk

Did you know that I also do _____? I’m not really asking you this actual question right now. This is a tale of a personal case study that comes from this question.

Alex Goldfayn, in his book, Selling Boldy (which I reviewed in my last blog post) says there are three key questions you need to ask your “friendlies” on a regular basis.

These three questions are key.

  • The first questions is “What are you working on that I could help you with?  Pretty obvious. Flushes out business opportunities.
  • The second question is “Who do you know, like yourself, who would benefit from working with me the way you do?” Another damn good question that flushes out referrals for you.
  • The third question, “Did you know that I also do ___?” This might be the best question for your friendlies.

I tested the questions out myself.

I’ve spent the past two weeks calling friendlies to ask the three questions. It’s added to my funnel, and it’s built my confidence. Get Selling Boldly, or read my last blog to understand why this works. Really, it’s the responses to the third question that have caught my attention.

I have been missing opportunities for new business.

My friendlies all knew about the core strategy/execution coaching work that I do, using the Rock & Sand™ model, the Baseline Growth Roadmap, and Gravitas’ Four Decisions™ model. None of them knew that I do one day, in- and-out, coaching engagements called Tune-Ups. I thought they knew; it’s on my website after all. Not one of the 25 friendlies I called knew about them. I hadn’t told them, because I forgot to.

Several are now considering additional engagements with me, but almost more importantly they now know what they can refer people to me for. All of them have had their thoughts triggered to think about other ways I could be of assistance to them.

Do your customers know?

Your customers, even your best ones, are too busy to read your site to find out what else you do. You have to break through and let them know. Calling them and telling them is how. It’s easy, and your friendlies will appreciate the call and appreciate learning about your other offerings.

As I said in my last blog, get the book. Read it, and do it.

As for what else I do? Here’s a link to all of my offerings and to my Tune-Ups.

Now that you know about the other things I do:

  • What are you working on that I might be able to help you with?
  • Who do you know, like yourself, that would benefit from working with me?

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