Greetings.  I’ve been building the School of Rock & Sand. It’s a bit of a pivot for me.  It’s a online strategy school, where students, right now, can enroll in three classes that will deepen their understanding of strategic thinking and execution planning.

I need “Beta-Testers” for one of the classes: The Rock & Sand Master Class.

  • It’s a deeper dive into the Rock & Sand Model, and all thing strategy, using both Video and Proven Tools.
  • It thoroughly explains every concept in Rock & Sand.  And It’s self paced.
  • It gives explicit intructions on what’s needed to facilitate each portion of the Model, complete with the tools to use with your team when facilitating.
  • It can be used with your team to facilitate your strategic planning process.  Or with a coach. Or by yourself so you fully understand the process and what it will produce for you.

Here’s why I need Beta Testers and what is in in for you.  

  • I’m only half way through with the class.  6 modules completed, 6-7 more to go.  I’ll be adding at least a module a week for the next 6 weeks.  Probably faster than that.  And I need feedback.
  • Because it’s in Beta Tester mode, the tuition for the class is only $195.95.  When it’s complete the tuition will be going up to $600.
  • You’ll be able to access the class with your teammates for a full year after you enroll.
  • When you use it, you’ll be able to create a better strategic plan than you could before.

Enroll as Beta Tester

There are two more classes available right now. More on the way.  

  • An Overview of the Rock & Sand Model  (for those who remember this was a PBS Special in Memphis)
  • Core Customers and Brand Promise: Connected at the Hip, Together They Define Your Strategy

Learn More Here

As you know, Annual Planning Season, is right around the corner.  You’ll want to be ready.