Were you expecting these three things to settle down after the election?  Think again.  The complexity, confusion and uncertainty that has been weighing you down since March is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere. at least not for awhile.

If you want details on why, here’s a link to a McKinsey Study that will explain it all for you.  Me, I’m just a business coach who sorts out complexity and uncertainty for mid-market CEOs and Owners like you and knows we are seeing and experiencing those things like never before.  It’s driven by the pandemic, societal discord, and political unrest. And the election changes none of that.

Up until February, most of us have been operating comfortably at working towards achieving our full potentials, relatively unencumbered by the more basic needs of life. Now we are operating at all levels of need (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).  It’s different, it’s complex, it’s uncertain, it’s confusing.  It all adds up to higher levels of stress for everyone.  Certainly you, but also your customers, your staff, your partners and your families.

Do you want to make it easier for yourself?  “Empathy first, in all things, then solutions.”  That’s my paraphrase of Joey Coleman’s (Never Lose a Customer Again) advice I heard at the Gravitas Leadership Summit, hosted by Gravitas Impact, my coaching organization.

Certainly it starts there, but there’s a lot more to it.  Not enough to cover in this blog.  But it’s the first step in sorting out things for your people, customers and family.  And in sorting that out, you’ll be able to sort things out for yourself and your organization.

That’s a lot of sorting.

Sorting out complexity and uncertainty.  It’s what I’m good at.  It’s what I get excited about.  It’s what I do.  Should we have a conversation?


* Written prior to all the votes being counted from Tuesday’s election.  It’s still uncertain.