The traditional answer to the “Fill in the Blank” posed in the title of this blog has usually been “growing.”  I like that answer, but recently have been exposed to a different answer, compliments of Dave Power, author of the book, The Curve Ahead, a powerful book about design thinking and innovation, that takes the complexity out of the both design thinking and innovation.  I read the book quite a while back, and just last week attended a webinar he conducted for Gravitas Impact, my coaching community.

“Evolving,” that’s the word that I want you to consider instead for the blank in the title.  You might think “tomato/tomahto” and that growing and evolving are one and the same.  Not quite.

“Growing” conveys bigger, faster, better, more.  Not necessarily change.

“Evolving” conveys change, adapting, developing, morphing.

When evolving, growth can come with it, and usually does.  Growth can come without any evolution at all.

Sustainablitity is what you want and it comes with continual evolution of your organization.  Growth without evolution mostly likely will bring a diminshing of performance and results and then a decline, that quite possibly won’t even be noticed until too late.

So with the current economic climate, I’m pushing evolution first, and growth second.  Your core product or service and brand promise and offering must evolve so you can sustain.  Dave Powers thinks all organizations, including non-profits, need to be looking for several evolutions at the same time, not all will work, but one or two will and that will provide sustainability and then growth.

I’ve done a webinar on pivots, that looking back on it, is about design thinking and innovation, to evolve your organization to get to the other side of the pandemic and economic down turn.  Survive and sustain. Leading to growth, when conditions allow it.  Without knowing it, I was riffing off of Dave Power’s ideas in this webinar, to help you figure out this thing called pivoting that everyone is hollaring about right now.   Here’s the webinar, give it a look.

I’ve been helping my clients “evolve” and find their “pivots”  Do you need help with the same?  LEt’s talk!