Getting a Grip on the Pandemic is difficult isn’t it.  I thought you would agree with me.  So much to think about.  So much to do. So much changing information.  So much dysfunction.  What’s a business owner or CEO to do about all this?  What to we grab onto to get through it all, to get to the other side of it.

A conclusion a number of our coaches at Gravitas Impact have come to is this:  The future is very uncertain.  We, as coaches and business leaders don’t have a real grip on how the pandemic is going to play out.  Epidemiologists and Infectious Disease experts have good feel for what the pattern of the pandemic will take, but they don’t have a handle on the timing.  Much of the timing and severity of the pattern of the pandemic is related to how our local, state, and national governments deal with things, and that’s a mixed bag.  And if the intersection of the government and science is sketchy, add the willingness of the citizenry to understand and comply with either set of parameters is another wild card we won’t be able to get hour heads and minds around.  What does that leave us?

Three things actually. They are things you already are experts in? Customers, Capabilities, and Leadership.  

Customers:  You probably know them better than you think you do.  Customers are people buying your stuff.  You already know their buying habits, their pressures, their higher needs in life.  You may not have dug in deep enough on these things, but you probably know it already and just haven’t paid close enough attention to it.  Go beyond demographics of your customers and get a grip on the “persona-graphics” of you customers and all the pressures they face in life.

Capabilities:  You also know what you are good or great at.  Again, maybe you haven’t paid attention to this as well as you should.  When things are going good, we tend to get lazy about this stuff.  Go back to it.  Rediscover what you are really good at, and then take a step further and figure out what you could become “quickly capable” at.  Get a grip on this and how this relates to the customers you also know so much about.

Find the Connection between these two: It’s there. Find it and then develop a quick pivot and long term pivot around these things.  Pivoting is nothing new.  Been going on for centuries.  What’s different now is that there are wholesale changes to society going on right now that most of us will have to be pivoting to get to the other side.

I’ve did a webinar on this, connecting customers and capabilities to create a pivot:  It’s called “What’s Your Pivot?”  and I recorded it.  You can find it and other webinars related to Getting to the Other Side of the Pandemic here

Leadership:  What you want to get a grip on right now is that how you lead your team right now is going to be remembered for a long time.  You have to get it right, and you can.  But it will be a bit different than before.  The principles of great leadership haven’t changed much but the environment for doing it has in this Shelter-at-home and uncertain world.

I’ve got a webinar on this also.  I’ll be doing it twice this week.  Once on Wednesday April 29th at 3:00 and again on Thursday the 30th at 9:00 AM  I’ll record one of them as well.  Spread the word.  

Watch these recordings or register for the new webinars. Let me help you get to the other side.  I’d like to get there with you.

Stay Safe, Be Well, Do Good!