Of course it is.  Jim Collins is the emminent expert on both growth and failure to grow.  His four books, Built to Last, Good to Great, Why the Mighty Fall, and Great By Choice, are timeless.  They should be required reading for all entrepreneurs and business school students (which, sad to say, is rarely the case for either groups).  His research methologies are strong, the knowledge he’s compiled is both deep and wide, and the lessons apply almost universally.

My good friend and mentor, Ron Huntington, graciously sent me his notes this morning from a lengthy zoom session he attended yesterday.  Collins’ presentation about applying his findings to today’s environment.  As I read through Ron’s notes, a small smile spread across my face. It served to be a review of the foundations of what I have been teaching and facilating for my prospects and clients for years. I’ve been sharing the same, in different words mind you, during COVID-19 as my our world has changed.

It’s a shame that Jim Collins has lost a bit of his shine.  He’s questioned because a number of his “great” companies”  have not continued to succeed.  Yet he even explored that exact situation in Why The Mighty Fall, which looks at some of the failed companies and explains why.  But I digress.

At the end of the presentation, based on his research, he said to focus on these three things RIGHT NOW!

  1. People: Who are the Indispensable Members of our Team that we simply cannot afford to lose?
  2. Relationships: What are the indispensable Key Relationships we will need to nurture and preserve in order to get us to the Thrive Phase? What is their priority and impact in the march to Thrive? Who can best nurture and optimize the connection with each Key Relationship?
  3. What’s our BHAG? What is the Vision and Point of getting to Thrive for the Long-Term? What is the Vision worth struggling for in the long march ahead?

Sorting out the answers to the questions is difficult in normal times, more difficult now.  Get some help?

I’m offering some flex-fit Coaching these type of facilitations.  Flexible enough to fit remote facilitation. Fleixible to your timing and working style, Flexible to fit coronavirus cash flows.  Here’s a One Sheet that tells how we get started.

Discreet Discussion?

More to come on the rest of what I’ve learned.