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Return On Trust? I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit after reading an article from the Detroit News, that was forwarded to me by a FB friend.  I want to share the article with you.

Finley: How to do business, and stay safe–Detroit News

500 employees running strong.  Only one infected by COVID-19, who has recovered.  Lots of concrete advice on how to run a manufacturing operation safely and productively.  Certainly pay attention to how they are doing it, the procedures and methods this company has implemented to create both a productive and safe work environment for his staff and company.

Yet there is more to this than procedures and methods. 

What struck me about this story, is the high level of trust and compassion that exists in this community.  Autocam Medica is a community of people, leaders through front-line that has a high level of trust and compassion for each other.  This couldn’t be pulled off without it. The leadership and front-line and everyone in between needed to rely on each other to deliver these results.  Transparent intentions, collaborative dialogue, clear alignment on objectives.  So much more.

Autocam Medica didn’t become a trusting community when COVID-19 hit.  My guess is that they were trusting community beforehand, working hard at it over the years.  Right now they are building an even higher level of trust.  Which brings me back to the term “Return On Trust.”

What kind of “Return On Trust”  is Autocam Medica getting right now?  While COVID-19 is a threat to everyone.

What kind of “Return On Trust” will the be getting once they get to the other side of this?  It’s doubtful that it could be calculated, but this is for sure, they’ll be further ahead than their peer companies.

Do you have a community of trust within your company? Be critical with yourself about this.  And ask some people within the company, other than your leadership team, if this is true, people that you know will give you the straight poop. If it turns out you don’t have trusting community, a crisis is a great time to build one, around the common bond of getting through the challenge together.  If you do, how are you going to build on that trust for the long term future?

Do you need some help with this?  It certainly isn’t easy.  But it’s doable.  Let’s have a meeting to talk about it. I want you and need you to get to the other side.  Learn about “Get to the Other Side Coaching” and let’s have a conversation.    Let’s Put Something On Our Calendars

Be Safe, stay well, do good.