Go ahead, say it. Hit the reply button and send me what you would do.  It will make you feel better.

Consider “I’ll run him over with my car” and “I’ll strangle her” and “I’ll punch his lights out.”

Me? I’m going to stop looking for it.  It doesn’t exist yet.  It’s still evolving. So maybe we shouldn’t be seeking it out.

The world is too uncertain right now (the world has always been uncertain, we have so much more of it now).  Most of the business and economic experts we’ve counted on before, for insight and guidance, are just guessing right now, saying just about anything they can to get your attention.

I’m in that boat too.  I don’t have the answers for what is coming down the pike on this pandemic and recovery, and I also want your attention.  But at least I can say I’m not guessing about what is going on.  And that’s why I’m also in the same boat as you.  Uncertain and a bit confused and overwhelmed by it all.

I do have questions, though.

The questions you should be thinking and talking through right now that will help you make some sense out of the madness and lead you to your evolving “new normal” (please don’t punch me). These things need to be thought through and talked through with your teams, and most likely with an outside set of eyes leading you through the questions to the answers.  If you don’t have someone to lead you through these conversations, you need to find someone.

You have to set your “new normal” (again don’t run me over with your car). No one else can.  Others can help you through that thought process, but others can’t tell you what it will be and what you should do about it.  You have to figure it out.

Talk with somebody.

If you don’t have someone to talk with, I invite you to talk with me.  This is what I do and my clients say I do it very well.  I welcome a converstion with you about how we’ll think through and talk through the questions.  Things will be clearer, you’ll start figuring out your “new normal” (don’t strangle me).  And if not me, someone else.

Let’s Talk, Here’s My Calendar