Summary of “The Seven Stages of Growth

  • 700 Successful Growth Companies Studied
  • Each company grew from 1 (founder)  to 150+ FTEs 
  • Different challenges  are faced at each unique stage of growth
  • What Stage are you and what challenges are you facing?  

It’s an interesting study, in that 700 successful mid market growth companies, not unsuccessful ones, were studied:  CEO/Founders were interviewed extensively about the challenges they had to overcome to grow from 1 person to 150+ and beyond.  The interviews identified 7 distinct stages of growth and the specific unique major challenges faced at each stage.

What I found both enlightening and confirming, is that the challenges are directly attributable to the complexity that is driven by the number of employees, not revenue levels.

The study was conducted by James Fisher of the Origin Institute and a matrix of the findings is available through Flashpoint LLC. at

The matrix of the Seven Stages of Growth will help you and your team determine the stage you are in, and the challenges you need to overcome to achieve sustainable growth.  The matrix also gives insights to the changing leadership focus and time allocations needed at each stage of growth.

The real value of the matrix is that it uncovers the blindspots holding your organization back, so you can address them.

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