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Victories, Brags, Challenges Tool

Start You Monthly/Quarterly Meetings With An Open Mind

Start Important Meetings Right:  Resist the urge to jump right into the agenda.  The agenda is important, but having an open mind or positive mindset is more important to getting right to it.  You and your team naturally will remember the negatives.  It the way we are wired. If unaddressed, the team face the agenda with a negative point of reference, ready to defend the past rather than find solutions.  After being reminded of the good things that happened since the last meeting, and good things happened, they team will be more open to learning about, contributing to and collaborating on any difficult item that needs attention.

Victories, Brags, Challenges Tool:  When used at the beginning of an important meeting, it changes the mindset from negative and defensive neutral to positive and open.  We are all covered up in negative input for all parts of our lives. This tool forces the team to acknowledge both team and individual successes, that regularly go unnoticed or un-celebrated.  This opens up their minds to possibilities and lets people drop the negativity and defensiveness.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Hand out the Victories Brags, Challenges Tool to each person in the meeting, at the start of the meeting.
  • Give the following instructions: Working alone, do the following
    • Write down four victories the company has had since our last time together, and why this is a victory
    • Write down three people, preferably not in the room, who did something good since the last meeting, and why you are bragging about them. Include something you have done that hasn’t been noticed by anyone
    • Write down two challenges you anticipate the team needing to address in the coming month or quarter
    • This also works well with post it notes.
  • When all have completed the instructions, each person reports on what they have written down.
    • Everyone reports on all of the victories, someone writing them down on Flip Chart (if using post it notes each person goes up to the board and posts their post it note while reporting each answer)
    • Everyone reports on all of the brags
    • Everyone reports on the anticipated challenges
    • It’s important to do the victories together, then brags, then challenges.
  • Sort out the answers. Someone, later, compile a list of everything.
  • Pump out all of the answers to the entire company, giving positive reinforcement and shout outs for all brags. The rest of the company will know that you have noticed and are noticing good work
  • The positive vibes changes the mindset to openness and collaboration

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