This week’s lesson from the School of Rock & Sand is about core customers and understanding them better by digging deeper.  And I’ve got a tool to share with you called the Dig Deeper Tool.

First you identify Five Core Customers. These are the People that love you. You love doing business with, they’re not quibbling with you on price. They tell other people about you gladly. Fill out this form for each one of the five in a collaborative way with your team and figure out what the pattern is.

Do the easy stuff first: name, company, rank of the person, their position. Then in the next box write down all the responsibilities they have that are beyond buying for you. Their entire job is not buying from you. They have loads of things to do that are more important than buying your product.  Figure out what those those things are. That’s going to lead into a natural set of questions about what their work life is like.

Then start describing their work life. Who do they report to? Is it fast paced? Is it slow paced? Is it technologically dependent?  All the things are they working on all each week.  Then try to draw some conclusions about what their life is it like at work right now and what they are suffering from.  Write these things down on the tool.  Things like the pressures they are feeling, where it’s coming from, who is kicking their butt, etc.

Then move to describing their life outside of work. The other things in their life,  besides work.  And maybe it’s not good. Maybe it’s really great, either way it’s going to clue you in on what pressures they have.

If they’re working 80 hours a week, they may not have a life outside of work. And that drives some of their decision-making.  What are the other pressures they have in life like that.  How’s the family? How are the kids, how the grandparents, sicknesses, things like that.

After you have filled one out for each of the five core customers, put them up on a wall, next to each other.

Guess what?  A pattern emerges that you probably weren’t aware of before.  It probably identifies the real reason core customers are buying from you.  All your core customers probably have a similar set of pressures. From there you can create a really great brand promise.

If you haven’t done so already, download the tool.

The first page gives instructions on how to use the tool. The second page is the actual tool, a form that you fill out as described earlier.  Feel free to do it on a flip chart if the form is too small.

That’s our lesson from the School of Rock & Sand this week have fun with it.

Download the tool, see you next week.